Award winning software designed to organise and administer your neighbourhood watch schemes FREE to test drive for 30 days (vers 7.6c) Sample Clients Moorpark Police Dept Pemberton Home Watch Santa Clara County Sheriff Yorkville Police Dept Osceola Neighborhood Watch Assoc. Quail Valley Community Crime Watch Inc. Blenheim Neighbourhood Watch Colusa County Sheriff's Dept SWL Neighborhood Watch Leicestershire South Neighbourhood Watch Assoc. Carrollton TWP Police City of Orlando and many many more... NWWorks FAQ I have written my own database - Why buy yours?       Good for you, but ask yourself these questions - If you decided tomorrow to step down from your post or decided to move out of the area can you pass on your database to your successor? Can they use your database or will they need to buy other software to make it work?  Will you be prepared to continue supporting the program after you leave?  You can use your program but will your successor be able to ?   Why don't you give away your software freely?       Indeed why not others do it from time to time.  However, free software more often than not is unsupported and not enhanced.  Our view is that we wish to continually develop this system both now and well into the future.  To do this however, we need to keep our interest in this product alive and devote time to it.   I've never used a program like this before will I be able to use this one?       We have taken great effort to design this software in such a way that anybody should be able to use it.   We have also included a standard windows help file and test database.   Open and read the included help file (if necessary print it out and read it over a cup of coffee or tea).  Play with the test data and get used to the system before attempting to enter your own data - download it now and try it out!   I have a lot of members, how long will it take me to enter all the data?       Not long!  To get the most benefit from the system all you need do is enter all streets covered and all volunteers.  Whether you then want to enter all your members is up to you but in most cases why would you want to? what benefit would be gained in doing so?  Although we provide a member database we would use it to enter all volunteers and those members in your watch you might consider vulnerable.  Crime records can be entered from the date you install the software or preferably it would be worthwhile to enter historic information if you have it working backwards to perhaps the previous year?  Your financial balance is all that is needed to start using the finance sub-system.   Meetings and Events only need to be entered as they fall due......  Contacts - enter the important contacts now - and when time enter others.  Read our help file for general system usage/set-up for more information.