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Partnership - Discount Scheme CES - Contract Management A simple way to reduce your costs - A simple win win situation. For every new client you introduce that leases our software you will receive a 20% discount on your annual renewal for the length of time that new client continues to use the system!  Over a 10 year period 1 sale you would save you around £6,000, 5 sales as much as £30,000! 3 sales and you will effectively be using our software for free (lease covered), a total of 5 sales and you won’t even pay for maintenance and upgrades with no fear that the system will be dropped due to cost and the need to make savings... All for just a few hours work... Talk to your neighbouring Local Authorities, invite them over for the day to see how efficiently you carry out your duties and use our system or perhaps hold a seminar and invite Local Authorities to it. Abandoned Vehicle Case Management Contract Management Street Scene Case Management Flycapture Returns Playground/Open Space Management