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AVMaster - Abandoned Vehicle Management CES - Contract Management Purpose built for the job AVMaster doesn't compromise on functionality becoming the system of choice for professionals carrying out this work. AVMaster through the use of an in-built wizard guides the user through the creation of an Abandoned Vehicle Case.  During the initial phase the database is cross-checked by registration number and street name such that if an existing record is found the user may elect to abandon the new record and automatically jump to the selected record.  System defaults allow the case to be created with an absolute minimum of information. Once the new case has been raised the system will automatically assign the case to an officer, enter the visit target date and print a visit sheet. Browse screens allow you to track and view cases by Status (open, late, or closed) Why you Should choose AVMaster Now! No Learning Curve, No Special Training Required Manages Administration Workload with Ease Automatic calculation of dates including 1st/2nd visits, notice expiry dates, vehicle removal dates and more... Automatic Status tracking of Vehicles on file Reduced time spent administrating Auto Resize Images including thumbnails! Important? When you've got 1,000's of records x2 you bet! - from 5mgb to 80k via a click! To automate completion of your statutory returns incl BV(218a/b) To maximise Personal Efficiency To take the Stress created by Administration Overload out of your Work Environment Lease or License Options Because our price is a STEAL... Why do users choose AVMaster? In-Built wizard cross-checks the database during case creation Using a GPS Camera the Geo-Code location is automatically recorded and pin pointed in Google Maps. In-Built ready-to-run report listings/summaries In-Built Visit Forms and Contractor Request Sheets Ready-to-run Standard Letters/Forms Notices/Letters can be set up in-house & existing ones edited using the Built-In Developer Automatically E-Mail Contractor Removal Form E-Mail open case listings to outside sources such as the Police   Abandoned Vehicle Management