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FlycaptureIT- Monthly Flycapture Returns FlyCaptureIT is designed to collate your extensive Fly Tipping data completing your Monthly Returns  required by the Environment Agency.  If you deal with fly tipping you are statutorily required to produce auditable statistics for inclusion in your Local Authorities monthly flycapture return.' To manually gather, collate, calculate and maintain an audit trail of this data is almost an impossible task to undertake manually.  '
Why you Should choose FlycaptureIT Now! The return requires you to log in excess of 60 separate statistics based on identified fly tipping dealt with in your geographical boundary. You need your own systems in place to gather your data You need your own systems in place to collate and calculate your returns. You need an audit trail to validate these figures and hence the returns. Even if you don’t produce the monthly return, if you deal with fly tipping cases you still need to carry out all the above for each and every case… Monthly Returns become a breeze not a chore! FULL 2 way audit trail! Authorities with case management software but no purpose built flycapture module can now use our purpose built flycapture system! Complete your Statutory Monthly Flycapture Returns in minutes! Why do users choose FlycaptureIT? FlyCaptureIT manages your fly tipping data gathered from (a) individual fly tipping cases, actions and outcomes, (b) Allows you to log your external department returns & summaries, (c) logs Bulk Entered minor case data. Data is automatically added to your master return in real-time in a fully structured and auditable manner. The Master Return can be e-mailed in XML format or simply printed out for manual entry onto 'flycapture'.   No Learning Curve, No Special Training Required Automatically fills in your statutory returns for you! Email Flycapture Returns at the click of a button Prints Standard Letters and even Fixed Penalties If another dept collates and completes the final return, if you deal with fly tipping cases you need this system to keep an auditable log of actions and outcomes of those cases.   Flycapture FlyTipping  case management