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CES - Contract Management System CES - Has been specifically designed to handle cyclic/performance based contracts in the following primary disciplines - Grounds Maintenance, Street Cleansing, Domestic Refuse and Building Cleaning. The three major aspects of CES include :- Asset Register, a database of all sites and operations to be completed at each site Day-To-Day contract management which includes the handling all enquiries, raising of Orders for non-cyclic/extra work, Negative Orders (used to cancel cyclic work), Rectification Notices, Defaults, and Contract Monitoring Finance sub-system automatically calculates payments and analyses both paid and uncommitted budget balances. CES is a fully compiled windows program and includes possibly the largest library of ready-to-run reports available in any contract management program. Our Basic Document Manager allows any files to be associated with records held in CES including Digital Images, WP files, AVI files, Spreadsheets etc.  These documents may be automatically launched from within CES! Why you Should choose CES Now! Acting like an extra pair of hands CES will prove itself indispensable within weeks, providing cost effective help in today’s busy contract management office. CES is Network Ready and fully configured for use on major network operating systems including Novell and NT Server.  Security may be configured/modified on a user-by-user basis. Clean crisp screens ensure CES is not only fast but a delight to use.  Wizards, shortcuts and hotspots reduce time required on the computer and radically reduces training requirements....  Particular attention has been made to the day-to-day aspects of running contracts making CES a true contract management tool rather than a system installed to process payments and push paper! Why do users choose CES? CES is multi-threaded and multi-tasking - allowing the user to open and work on many screens, and whilst still open run reports, save to PDF and e-mail. CES includes re-sizeable windows and auto iconization.   CES may be used by Client and Contractor alike - the separate Contractor version includes material/machinery/labour requirement reports/analysis/costings. An ODBC driver is available (16 & 32 bit - purchased separately)  - this allows users to access & report on live data using ODBC compliant programs such as Access & Crystal Reports.   Contract management software