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Asset Register Logging of all sites and operations to be carried-out at each site - lower level working data may also be recorded and summarised.  Each site can accommodate work from multiple cost centres.  Any number of site notes may be added to each location.  Each site may be linked to digital images or directly linked to maps held on MapInfo/GIS via MapX ocx.  A large number of reports are available and "ready-to-go" - ranging from the production of bills of quantity, contract evaluation to full period worksheets and workbooks.  A what-if sub- system is provided to test changes to the asset register prior to permanent modification.  For audit purposes, CES automatically tracks all changes to the Asset Register.  Provisional work may also be logged and analysed against each site - this facility is important for estimating provisional/contingency budgets. Further facilities allow users to log information down to plot or house level. Day-to-Day Management Enquiries/Customer Care Sub-System - Any number of user definable enquiry types may be set-up to record everything from Vandalism and Complaints to Item Faults and Accident Reports.   Any number of notes and letters may be logged against each record.  The Enquiry Sub-System available within CES is as powerful as any Enquiry System on the Market and has been designed in such a way that it may be used by the Department as a whole to log all incoming calls of any type.  A separate multi-user program may also be purchased to front-end enquiries for use by general admin staff or on a front-desk (see CES Front-Desk).  The included reports not only assist with customer care but analyse it via aged enquiry summaries and pie charts based on raised and completed dates. Orders - several types are available and the stage of processing is automatically tracked.  An order wizard makes raising an Order a breeze, via Order Profiling the process of raising an Order is even further "speeded-up".  Any number of operations may be logged against each order and a memo field is used to allow users to write additional notes.  Details are automatically recorded of when and who raised/last modified each record.  Orders may be re- allocated to any contractor on file, CES automatically calculates prices based on the selected contractors schedules of rate, a further facility allows an overall percentage uplift to be added - an uplift may also be added on a line by line basis.  If CESLink is used the time and date of download to the contractor is automatically logged. Notices - several types/stages are available.  Any number of operations to be rectified may be logged against each notice and the user may select each operation from a full list or from a list displaying only those items carried-out at the specified site.  Standard notes may be set-up in CES to further speed-up the creation of new notices.  A digital picture may be attached to each notice and printed as required.  To keep training to a minimum, the same wizard used to create orders is used when creating notices, view screens allow notices to be viewed in a myriad of ways.  If CESLink is used by the contractor, the time and date of download is automatically recorded. Contract Monitoring - A percentage of site records may be randomly selected and created on CES.  In-built reports provide full analysis based on recorded standards (A to D).  On-screen data-entry is swift employing buttons to enter standards against each operation type.  A site note may be added at time of completion of the monitoring sheet. Contractor Monitoring - CES can also produce full period worksheets which may be sent to contractors and/or used by clients to monitor contractor performance.  Notice summaries may also be used as a further indicator of contractor performance.   Orders and Notices may be cross-referenced to enquiries. Payments The Payments Sub-System provides for the automatic calculation of actual payments and production of management reports, including budget forecasts based on actual and committed amounts. CES not only handles multiple contracts, but also multiple contractors working on each contract. CES also handles single sites with multiple cost centres, contracts with differing start/finish dates, multiple Sets of Schedules of Rate, 12 and/or 13 payment periods, average or actual period payments.  Powerful ready to run reports also show budget and uncommitted balances down to cost centre level. Links can be built to directly send information to your corporate financial system. Further facilities are provided for special end-of-year functions, rate uplifts, and budget management.