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PM2 - Playground Manager Take control and effectively manage your playgrounds today! don't take our word for it... download it and try it... Stop wasting time trying to enter ticks on something designed to make phone calls! Start to actually see what's going on using photo images which truly do paint a thousand words! STOP TICKING WHAT'S GOOD, START PHOTOGRAPHING WHAT'S BAD! A modern gps enabled camera or smart phone today automatically captures where it was taken, when it was taken and conditions when it was taken... and all you did was press a button!  Geo-Coded images let us automatically match your images and therefore visit to the play area making data entry super fast!  STOP WASTING TIME ON ADMINISTRATION! COMPLETING DATA ON A TINY PDA OR PHONE IS TIME CONSUMING!  Simply because you aren't in the office does NOT mean you are effectively using your time!   Why you Should choose PM2 Now! Auto Resize and Attach/Print digital images against each site, inventory item and defect. Image selection screen displays thumbnail to correctly identify images... date stamp photo's Paperless - Camera Inspections couldn't be faster or simpler (see main details for more information) STOP simply ticking the boxes and START to actually see what's going on... Photograph the site - click - photograph the defects - click - done... move on to next site. Automatically Schedule Standard/Detailed Inspections. Geo-Coded Images are automatically matched to sites and Google Maps. Log Full Inventory/Accidents/Complaints/Defects Directly e-mail contractor info/photo's of all current defects at the click of a button. Click here for sample. Save reports to PDF and optionally e-mail. Don't wait any longer! download and install today! Playground/Open space management software